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GGC-171 "INTRODUCING A KILLER" (51 minutes)

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GGC-171   "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (51 minutes)
GGC-171   "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (51 minutes) GGC-171   "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (51 minutes) GGC-171   "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (51 minutes) GGC-171   "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (51 minutes) GGC-171   "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (51 minutes) GGC-171   "INTRODUCING A KILLER"   (51 minutes)
Golden Girls Talent:  Leslie, Nancy, Cindy, Robin
Price: $24.00

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     Four professional wrestlers who all appear at L.A.'s Olympic Auditorium are seen in three matches filmed exclusively in our Golden Girls' gym.  Tall, pretty pros start this DVD with a bikini match as the "Golden Cat", in a black bikini battles Debbie, known as "Killer Tomato" in ring circles. Debbie, in a steel gray bikini, is as tall and talented as the Golden Cat and looks formidable with a wild perm of blonde hair.  The two giants of the ring trade vicious headlocks, punishing leg holds and devastating scissors on their way to a startling time-limit finish.
    Then "Killer Tomato" takes to the mat with Ace Hatem, also known as the "Silver Streak".  Ace wears silver boxing trunks, a gym tank top, and boots to battle the red and black clad Debbie. Two fine pros in full dress display all of their ring knowledge by using hammerlocks, bruising toe and leg holds, mares and flips and mean head smashing charges into the ring posts. The match ends with a crushing new straddle hold that leaves the exhausted loser helpless.
    The final bout shows off experienced long dark haired Pepper LaBianco in a zebra outfit versus Golden Cat in a black body suit.  This fierce fight gets out of hand and the ladies eventually don't act like such.  Mean stomps, face gouging and fistfights soon replace all of the scientific holds as these two pros actually get mad at each other.  A missed dropkick weakens and dazes one girl who is finished by a perfect bottoms up pin.  If you like pretty pros then this DVD is for you.  All four girls are well trained and you will be amazed that their ring ability rivals that of the best of the current males.

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